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(New) Storytelling Power in PowerPoint?

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PowerPoint gets a really bad rap. It seems indispensible in business presentations, yet it can be so darn boring.

That’s because most presenters do it the same way – a virtual storm of bullet points with a few photos slid in.

But maybe there’s help – and hope – in PowerPoint 2010.

In her recent blog post, Paula Tesch of Duarte shows us the new cinematic capabilities of PowerPoint 2010. Duarte Design’s Five Rules for Presentations gives practical presentation tips – and does so using the new PowerPoint.

Pretty impressive! It’s hard to believe this is PowerPoint.

I still wonder how difficult it is to use the tool to create something so dynamic. But I’m excited about its storytelling possibilities.

What a Screenwriting Guru Can Teach You About Ditching the Sales PowerPoint

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My friend Steve Kayser, a media relations director and prolific writer, recently shared a brilliant interview he conducted with Robert McKee, legendary guru of Hollywood storytelling and best-selling author of “STORY."

Steve posed the question to McKee: "Can the principles of his classic book “STORY” be used in the complex sales process?"

The answer was decidedly "yes."

The thought-provoking interview delves into the power of story in presentations, the impact of being honest and flawed in your story, and the importance of making story personal for the audience.

It even takes on the PowerPoint presentation.

"The PowerPoint presentation is easy, that’s why people do it," McKee says...."And when you come up with brilliant creative solutions to the presentation, the results for the people, for the audience, are stunning.

Check out the interview yourself, and be inspired to transcend traditional presentation props.