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(New) Storytelling Power in PowerPoint?

Author: ; Published: Jan 14, 2010; Category: Uncategorized; Tags: , ; 2 Comments

PowerPoint gets a really bad rap. It seems indispensible in business presentations, yet it can be so darn boring.

That’s because most presenters do it the same way – a virtual storm of bullet points with a few photos slid in.

But maybe there’s help – and hope – in PowerPoint 2010.

In her recent blog post, Paula Tesch of Duarte shows us the new cinematic capabilities of PowerPoint 2010. Duarte Design’s Five Rules for Presentations gives practical presentation tips – and does so using the new PowerPoint.

Pretty impressive! It’s hard to believe this is PowerPoint.

I still wonder how difficult it is to use the tool to create something so dynamic. But I’m excited about its storytelling possibilities.