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Making Your Customer Success Stories Work for You

Do your case studies meet your marketing, sales and PR needs?

Take a strategic approach to planning and using case studies. Check out Making Your Customer Success Stories Work for You: A Roadmap for Marketing and PR Managers.

This handbook serves to guide marketing and PR managers on how to approach case studies strategically. It guides you through mapping out your annual case study planning; covers ways to solicit stories from employees, partners and customers; and addresses how to get cases approved; how to work with customers in the process; and various ways to use cases in your marketing, sales and PR efforts. The right mix of powerful customer stories, told in an engaging way and used throughout the sales process, will help your company build key credibility with prospects, partners and investors. Download Now»

The 10 Biggest Mistakes Case Study Writers Make

Case Studies are a Huge Opportunity for Writers – But Stories Have to Produce Results

Today, buyers are more cautious and skeptical about the products and services they buy. They need more proof and more validation than ever before, and customer success stories and case studies give them the credibility, education and validation they need.

Learn how to produce case studies and success stories that produce results in the report, The 10 Biggest Mistakes Case Study Writers Make.

Whether you write as an employee for your organization or work as a freelancer, your "client" looks to you to translate their successes into stories that resonate with readers and drive them to buy.

The free e-report covers some of the pitfalls writers typically make in creating customer stories:

  • The one step in case study preparation you should NEVER skip.
  • The fastest way to annoy featured customers in interviews.
  • Why you should have interview questions written out before every interview.
  • How to get better results metrics out of featured customers.
  • How to find each story’s best angle.
  • Ways to avoid making featured customers look bad!
  • Tips for catering to readers who only "skim" customer stories.
  • Finding the balance between a dull story and one that’s too enthusiastic!

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