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Businesses Soothe Nervous Buyers with Tales of Happy Customers

Contact: Casey Hibbard, author, Stories That Sell

BOULDER, CO; January 5, 2009 – When business owner Linda McCulloch wanted to set her marketing and creative firm apart from the competition and encourage potential clients to buy, she turned to her satisfied customers to say it for her.

"I don’t like to blow my own horn excessively, so I felt that if I could get my clients to blow my horn for me that that would be more convincing to potential clients," said McCulloch, owner of Atlanta-based Design That Works.

McCulloch captured the success stories of a number of the firm’s clients, and featured them on her web site, in direct mail postcards, in conversations with potential clients—and even in a booklet that replaced her traditional company brochure. Time and again, she finds those customer stories catch the attention of her audience, helping generate awareness and interest, and close sales.

Design That Works is just one of countless businesses today leveraging success stories on their happy customers to boost credibility, educate buyers and demonstrate results.

"Buyers are always conscientious when making purchases. But when budgets and bank accounts shrink, they become even more risk-averse," said Casey Hibbard, author of the new book, Stories That Sell: Turn Satisfied Customers into Your Most Powerful Sales & Marketing Asset. "Going beyond the age-old testimonial, customer success stories and case studies give buyers insight into how a product or service will work for them and the confidence to make purchases."

In fact, a survey by Bridge Ratings and the University of Massachusetts ("Trusted Sources of Information according to US Consumers," 2007) indicates that consumers trust "strangers with experience" a close second after friends, family, and acquaintances—coming in ahead of the media, bloggers and a vendor’s own advertising.