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Case Study Design – Turn it Sideways

Author: ; Published: Mar 31, 2011; Category: Uncategorized; Tags: None; 2 Comments



It’s easy to get into a rut with design, especially when a marketing piece like a case study contains all the same elements every time…


Steelcase, known for its office designs and furniture, has brought its design inspiration to the customer success story. Because of the visual nature of what it provides, the company features customers in their actual workplaces, enjoying their Steelcase environments.

But more than that, the company added a simple twist – turning the success story horizontal. The 2-page story runs horizontally across the page, from the cover page (above) featuring a photo to the second page highlighting the story.

The result? A more engaging, attractive story.

While the cover page adds oomph, it isn’t strictly necessary. Drop it and you still have a design that’s more engaging than your average success story layout.